Solar Plexus Chakra | Sherpa Blanket


Solar Plexus Chakra Intention

The Solar Plexus artwork is an intentional creation, specifically designed to activate the solar plexus chakra. Immerse yourself in its vibrant colors and intricate details, allowing them to ignite a powerful connection within you. This piece exudes a radiant energy that is bound to infuse any space with vitality and dynamism. By embracing this artwork, you invite the transformative essence of the solar plexus chakra into your life, empowering your sense of self, confidence, and personal power. Allow its vibrant presence to uplift and energize you, as you embrace the abundant potential that resides within your solar plexus.

Sherpa Blanket Product Details

• Vibrant print, colors will not fade in wash
• Extremely soft and cozy
• Wash in a laundry bag to reduce micro plastic pollution