The Cosmic Creation Code Course

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The Cosmic Creation Code Course is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

The Cosmic Creation Code is a school for Soulful Graphic Artists who want to level up and cultivate meaningful client relationships and connections.

Are you a graphic designer or artist longing for that breakthrough moment, where your business reaches new heights of prosperity and fulfillment? Look no further! This course is your golden ticket to unlocking your true potential, bringing clarity, organization, and divine alignment into every aspect of your business.

Over the past 20+ years, my career as an artist and graphic designer has taken me down so many avenues and has left me with quite a diversified portfolio and a multitude of skills required to manage it all.  So It feels very natural that my next endeavor would be to share, teach and mentor. 

The EARLY BIRD pricing is for a very short time and if you commit to this course wholeheartedly, you are sure to receive the return on your investment!

Currently Offering this Course for $1499!
Sign up Early, Course Begins September first and Tuition will be $2500.

IN FACT, It's kind of CRAZY that I am Offering my 20+ years of knowledge and experience for this price.

• Organization Techniques
• Automate Systems
• Optimize Your Workflow
• Effectively Communicate
• Align Your Offerings to Your Desired Clientele
• Tap into Your Own Authentic Creativity
• Clarify Your Offerings
• Tips & Tricks
• Digital Collage Creation
• Logo Design & Useful Deliverables
• Bi-Monthly Q&A Calls with Lori