I want to emphasize the significance of ethically using and sharing artwork. If you happen to share artwork from this account in a post related to or mentioning your own service, it is highly undesirable for me as the artist. Allow me to elaborate on why this is the case.

As a working artist and graphic designer, my livelihood depends on clients who pay for my services and even license my artwork to promote their own specific offerings or services. Therefore, if you feel compelled to share my work because it aligns with your own offerings, I kindly request that you complete the form provided in the licensing link found in my bio.

Please understand that using an artist's work to promote your retreat, offering, or service does not benefit the artist by giving them exposure. Instead, it amounts to stealing the artist's service.

I genuinely appreciate sharing artwork for inspiration. However, it is expected that the artist receives primary credit before any other writing or text.

May 22, 2023 — Lori Menna