When the stars align we open our atelier to connect with potential partners on very special projects. Such special projects range from bespoke art pieces to brand design, product design, and licensing and wholesale partnerships. 

Partnering with Cosmic Collage is a powerful way to enhance your brand's aura and energy field, to visually attract the engagement of your audience.

Check out LORIMENNA.com for some current portfolio samples and a bit more about my process of onboarding and working with clients.

To proceed, book a consultation below. In this consultation, we will initiate a field of cosmic creativity for the project. If there are no openings, you may send us a message via the contact page.


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Why not live in a deeper connection to the cosmos? Upgrade your life with products and decor designed to raise the collective consciousness.

Branding Packages

Want to bring the magic touch of Cosmic Collage to your brand? Explore the different ways we could make that happen.

Licensing & Wholesale

Want to bring our beloved Cosmic Collage products to your customers? We are always open to conversations with potential partners who share our vibe and values.