Welcome to the Cosmic Collage Shop, where imagination and cosmic connection intertwine to bring you a celestial experience like no other. Let the cosmos infuse your life with vibrant energy and limitless inspiration.

Step into the enchanting realm of the Cosmic Collage Shop, where a vibrant and kaleidoscopic collection awaits to elevate your surroundings and cultivate a profound connection with the cosmos. Immerse yourself in a treasure trove of captivating products designed to ignite your senses and create a cosmic tapestry within your space.

Unveil the cosmic energy with our exquisite line of yoga mats, carefully crafted to harmonize your practice and elevate your spiritual journey. Dive deeper into the celestial ambiance with our captivating wall art, capturing the ethereal beauty of the cosmos in mesmerizing colors and intricate designs.

Discover the perfect companion for self-reflection and cosmic exploration in our thoughtfully designed journals, beckoning you to pour your thoughts, dreams, and inspirations onto its pages. Transform your living space into a sanctuary with our captivating home decor pieces, each infused with the essence of the cosmos to create an atmosphere of wonder and tranquility.

And that's not all – our cosmic offerings extend beyond these realms, with more delightful surprises awaiting your exploration. Immerse yourself in a universe of possibilities and embrace the cosmic collages that resonate with your spirit.

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About Lori Menna, Founder & Artist



Greetings! I'm Lori, the creative force behind the captivating artwork that embodies the essence of the "Cosmic Collage" brand. For the past 15 years, I've called the Pacific Coast of Mexico in the state of Nayarit my home. Alongside me are my two wonderful children and a partner whose love and support amplify the sacred energy of my divine feminine expression in ways beyond imagination.

With over 22 years of professional experience as a graphic artist and web designer, creativity has been an integral part of my personal healing journey. Through my work, I strive to break cycles of pain and fear, infusing intention into every aspect of my life. From the simplest tasks like making the bed to the preparation of food and the creation of artwork, everything holds a sacred space in my practice.

While I am not an astrologer, I hold a deep belief that the stars provide codes and guidance for us to navigate our journeys. After all, our very beings are intricately woven with stardust. Embracing my intuition, I find joy in exploring astrology and its concepts. Additionally, I feel a profound connection to the tarot and other ancient wisdom traditions, recognizing synchronicity as the universe's way of guiding us along the right path. I hold a belief in pronoia, the notion that the universe conspires in our favor.

Throughout my life, I have been blessed with vivid dreams, visions, and glimpses of other realms and lifetimes. Embracing the Sacred Divine Feminine Spirit, I serve as an open channel and a space holder, seeking to restore divine balance in an imbalanced world.

I possess a unique ability to discern truth through the veils and illusions created by humanity. This gift, at times, feels both a blessing and a burden in a world steeped in illusion.

As an earth warrior, I hold deep reverence for the preservation of our planet. The whispers of the trees, oceans, flowers, plants, and birds resonate within my soul, compelling me to be the voice for those whose cries go unheard.

Every day, I am in awe and wonder at the magnificent existence of this planet and the multitude of life it sustains. It continuously blows my mind, and I am humbled by its sheer beauty.

Thank you for joining me on this cosmic journey. Together, let us explore the realms of creativity, spirituality, and the interconnectedness of all things.


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