Why does this feel like a war on women? Because children are being killed. I am a woman, I am mother to my children and collectively to all. I carry the sacred portal to life and this toxic patriarchy is killing and hurting my children. OUR CHILDREN. I am the creator and protector of my children and all children. I am a woman and I will take the hand of any child, I SAID ANY CHILD and help them and guide them to safety. Because. I. AM. A. WOMAN. AND I AM A MOTHER. My creation is being destroyed and I AM ANGRY. 

Men have been so fucking reckless with what we created as women. OUR CHILDREN, OUR HOMES, OUR CREATION. There is a violence rising within me like a fire breathing dragon.

Rise Mothers Rise. 

Who is making these decisions? Not a mother. Not a woman. DOWN WITH THIS PATRIARCHY. This is no longer acceptable. This is no longer acceptable. THIS IS NO LONGER ACCEPTABLE. 

It’s ok if you aren’t OK. I am not OK. It’s ok if you need to look away. I won’t look away. 

We want peace. We want to live in peace on this earth with our children safe and our men strong and healthy in their minds and their bodies to build NOT to destroy. 

We want peace. We want Peace. 

Love is the way. 
It’s the only way. 
There is no other way. 
Love is the path we must choose together. 

If you are not ok, it’s ok. 

October 18, 2023 — Lori Menna