The Alchemy of Anger Lion Heart | Hardcover Journal


The Alchemy of Anger Lion Heart

Allow some heart opening truth to be spoken and expressed elegantly that eventually may transform a situation. Speaking from your heart doesn’t always grant immediate rewards, in fact it can cause a lot of discomfort in the moment but it’s that long haul of integrity we are after. So take a chance and open up- speak what’s on your heart, after all our hearts are the organs with the most powerful electromagnetic field making them even more complex than our brains.

Hardcover Journal Product Details

  • Make journaling your divine downloads a private and beautiful ritual with this very special Cosmic Collage hardcover journal

  • Crafted with a sewn spine bound in case wrap and covered by a matte lamination for a highly durable yet vibrant hardcover journal

  • This hardcover journal's dimensions are 5.75 x 8 x 0.55 inches with 150 lines pages, perforated for easy tear away when desired

  • Featuring the Receive Cosmic Collage (front cover) and Receive Intention (back cover)

  • Made to order in the United States; Production typically takes 2 days before shipping