The Libra Full Moon is shining the light on the shadows of injustice.

This week I spend my days at a special beach just a couple of hours North of our home in Nayarit. We always spend some time here in the spring. There is a river mouth that opens to a surf break. The water is crystal clear. The children fish, swim and surf. There is a beautiful tree out on the point, it’s magnificence is enough to make you cry.

It was 4 years ago during the Libra full moon while we were here, a friend came to visit and told me about her partner, a man who had been hitting her and that she had finally ended the relationship.

Yesterday on the beach I ran into this man’s brother. This mans brother had violently beaten a friend of mine here in Mexico about 10 years ago. My friends daughter was staying with us for the evening. It was in the early hours of the morning when my friend showed up at the front steps of my home, crying, her face covered in blood. I took her to the hospital where she had to have stitches and a brain scan.

A day or two later the brother (the one previously mentioned) shows up at my house, where I am sitting with my children, who are 1 and 3 at the time and starts to yell at me telling me all of the horrible things that my friend did to his brother and that she is a whore.

Why am I telling this story on the Libra full moon? This story is dark. There are people who would just rather not discuss these things or hear about them. It’s inappropriate to tell these stories, someone might say.

If we do not tell these stories to our sisters, we are allowing shame to be built around these experiences for the women on the receiving end of this violence. If we do not expose the injustice of this world we will not grow into the love and compassion that is required to heal both the women and the men living these experiences.

An average of 10 women are killed DAILY in Mexico due to domestic violence or femicide. All women, children and people reserve the right to live in a nonviolent household. Let the scales of justice bring balance to this world. My prayer for these men is that they feel the pain of their actions in their own hearts for their daughters and rise to the service of the women and children in their lives. My prayer is that we tip the scales of justice accordingly and start protecting the party that needs the protection.



April 05, 2023 — Lori Menna