Ugh- I was beating myself up mentally yesterday. My first day back in my actual office and my home. Things feel messy and disorganized and I don’t feel my best from a place of disorganization. Some anger arose last night and I had a deep sense of not feeling the support I desire in my personal life in order to accomplish my business goals. This is a common theme for me that I’m working on. Also, I am currently in the market to outsource some guidance for a giant project . I have a bit of insecurity around trust and confidence.

👉So what do I do?

🔮First, remember who I am. I made a list of a few key things that I have accomplished with my business as a freelance artist.

💛 2 Published Oracle Decks with HAYHOUSE and just was asked to work on a third 👊🏼

💛 Built Style Guides and designed for hundreds of clients 👊🏼

💛 Built my business from the ground up with two small children as a single mother👊🏼

💛 Collaborated with Niyamasol and designed a pair of leggings worn by JLO! 👊🏼 I created this list to remind myself that I am capable and I am successful. As always, thank you for being here

💜 Enhance any space with this bright and happy, Solar Plexus Artwork. Created with the intention of connecting to your Solar Plexus, the chakra that governs self confidence and self worth. Use this piece as a visual component to your meditation practice to forgive clear, cleanse and give gratitude to the assocaited years of your life. 

🧿 By the way, the project is an online course for graphic artists and collage creators who want to work with aligned clients and develop their freelance business. I am opening my entire business and sharing all of my knowledge on how I built the many aspects of my thriving business!

✴️ So, if you’re an aspiring Graphic Designer and you want to have a peak inside of my world and the way I do things, sign up for my newsletter to get early access.
April 05, 2023 — Lori Menna