The eye in the sky is always there for you to re-connect to. It is you. It doesn’t matter if you feel you have fallen off track or circumstances and people seems to be pulling you off center. The connection is not linear or measurable, nor can it be taken away by anyone or anything. It is not a competition with anyone other than yourself. All of those circumstances or people that you think are distracting you, it’s just you. You can never meet anyone further or deeper than you’ve met yourself. When you cultivate your own self worth, love, and awareness, the channels open. While ego driven actions may result in self righteousness and not self awareness, the truth will always bring you back to your center. 

Stay open, stay vulnerable, stay flexible in your mind to embracing a spectrum of possibilities, ideas and perspectives. A shift in perspective or willingness to step into that vulnerable place where that shift could take place is powerful, not weak. Stepping into a place of vulnerability is stepping into fear and that is a powerful step, not a weak step. Staying soft around the edges and not rigid in your thoughts will create more space.