The Autumn Equinox is still a couple of weeks away, but I feel the turn of the season strongly. Death is on the horizon. A lot of major changes are happening in my personal life. It’s funny whatever we plan and however we think things are going to unfold, there always seems to be a higher power shifting things drastically. 


I have a giant task on the forefront that is guaranteed to change the course of my life forever. I am having a difficult time in my heart, connecting to my strength and stepping up to the tasks that lie before me. There are far too many fragmented and broken pieces of my heart that I would like to collect and wash clean for the journey to come. It is time to embrace the great cycles of nature and allow the dead leaves of resentment and pain to fall way. 

 I have come to realize that this process is going to require FORGIVENESS. That is my magical word as the season of death approaches.

I personally have struggled so much with forgiving others and ESPECIALLY when some of the main characters in my story definitely have not apologize to me. So how can I forgive and free myself of the burden of the situation and experiences?



I will choose one person each week and begin to write myself letters from that person to myself, writing all of the things that my wounded self would be comforted by hearing to help me forgive them. Remembering that it is never really a person who hurts you, it is just an energy that they carry and energy can be transmuted. One of these people will include myself and those are the letters that will be the most emotional. 


In honor of this practice of Forgiveness, I am offering my collection of Hard cover, 150 lined page journals at buy 2 get one FREE. As always, thank you for being here and connecting to this Artwork. 

September 06, 2023 — Lori Menna