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Ok, I have a pretty wild story to share. 2023 was a weird year for me. There were so many challenges and my challenges are of course from a place of privilege and it always feels important to me to recognize that and add that disclaimer.

As many of you may know or maybe not, I have a pretty solid amount of experience with psychedelics including Aya, lsd, psilocybin and MDMA and Sassafras. However the last few years, my intention has been more drawn toward grounding and I don’t really need any substance to connect. Truth be told, I LOVE getting high AF and traveling out there in those other realms. It’s SO MUCH FUN!

Ok ok, I’m getting to my story. In July of this past summer, I had a trip planned with 4 girlfriends from high school. The girls I first experimented with LSD and psilocybin with when I was a teenager. Our host requested that I bring something fun and that we have a medicine ceremony. The other ladies were on the fence and I didn’t care either way. I had just received a menu from a friend so I decided to order some love drops and a very mellow sassafras tincture. Mellow was the vibe I was going for. Another friend actually told me she took these sas drop and felt nothing, so I was like, cool, maybe it will just be super relaxing and I am good with that. 

So I got the drops delivered to my parents house, hopped on a plane and the girls trip commenced. Just for reassurance, I sent everyone the menu and reread it multiple time to ensure we were going to be taking the more mellow drops. We hung out the first night, everyone was kind of on the fence about the journey and in the end we decided we would do it with the exception of one who intuitively was not feeling it and decided to just observe and she was perfectly fine with that. 

Alright, the sun is about to go down, I set up a little alter, cleansed the drops with palo Santo and down the hatch went 3 droppers of the more mellow sassafras tincture to 4 of us. We sat around for a bit. One friend wanted to run over to a store just across the street to grab a sweatshirt she wanted to buy so she went. We all kind of separated and within 20 minutes flocked back together. Wait a minute, what is this?

One friend laughed at me, another said wtf lor? Another said, well I’m trippin”. Within in minutes it got more and more intense. The best way I can describe it as they we very quickly took off into a very fast moving Van Gogh gh oil painting and I am not exaggerating. The clouds of the sunset were swirling around  and, the ocean and trees were breathing and pulsating. I felt like I had a fuzzy sweater in my mouth. I tried to use look at my phone to read the description again but it the words were just wiggling around the screen and morphing into other images. 

We held hands in a circle and agreed that we were going on a little trip and we would embrace this. THANK GOD for my OG Philly girls who were handling it. The next day I realized that we each took 3 hits of LSD with MDMA and BLUE LOTUS. 

During the journey I was not aware that there was Blue Lotus in the tincture and I was not familiar with the origin of this medicine. However my visions revealed to me an Egyptian winged owl with a great blue lotus behind its head. My friend also confirmed that she kept seeing this. 

Not only that but I just had a sample beach towel printed of the throat chakra artwork that features the blue lotus and I was lying on the towel for the majority of the night. 

I don’t think these things are a coincidence. I actually sometimes consider myself a spiritual skeptic. My Aquarian mind wants to believe but also desires understanding.

The overall experience was beautiful and uplifting. I could see the galaxies separately in the night sky exactly like the second image here. My heart blossoming fully open to the man who holds my hand in this life. I connected with moon and my womb in such a powerful energetic way, the following month I ended up with a pregnancy that ended in miscarriage which was a deep teaching revealing many shadow aspects of my relationship and motherhood. 

Though It was hard on my body and my psyche the lessons were greater than the challenge and proved the experience to be valid and part of my destiny. 

I had a phone call the next day with the organization who provided the tincture and discovered they did indeed send the wrong one by mistake. I would like to emphasize the importance of being integrity with these substances and being mindful and cautious with them. I am grateful that it all worked out and that our group was able to manage the powerful medicine that we stumbled upon by mistake. 

The Blue Lotus is a powerful tool to explore the ether and connect to your higher self and the mysteries of life. 

February 02, 2024 — Lori Menna