3:33am, 11/27/23

Full Moon reading. She pulls on me in ways in which I question her intentions. Every time the moon is full my ovary aches, this is without a doubt, a fact that I have lived for many years now. My dreams have become dark and violent with blood shed and limbs. The fuller the moon the more violent these scenes, like a movie of war, yet it’s not a movie, or is it? This Dreamtime horror is something I’ve never experienced before. I’m reminded that my grandmother experienced this  energy as a child in Germany. I feel the ancestral fears arise. This darker energy so dense that it sits upon my chest at night and seems to be trapped in my throat. 

The nature of my inquisitive mind takes me to the reflection of my own self. A flock of birds flys through the scene that plays like that movie in my mind as the path changes and all of the birds follow accordingly with a continuous motion reminding me that we are one. The spirit of humanity is one. We are all experiencing this together, this is ours. 

I sit across from myself and look at the ways i am living in fear, doubt, greed, violence and war. How am I at war within? Why can I not find peace within? It’s a collective work that we must all participate in. 

The struggle, the search, the need to feed the greed and look for God and chase the day as time it ticks away. It feels like a game, how will you play?

This was written by me. I did not use Chat GPT. I think it’s fucking cheesy and cheap. This artwork was created and collaged together with the use of my mind processing slowly in human time. My hand delivered this from a steady stream of creative energy directly from my heart. My power and ability to process this philosophically goes hand and hand with the time in which I take to create it. I choose continuously to express myself authentically. I won’t race against the illusion of time to satisfy the tools that I seem to be serving more than they are serving me. 

The greatest philosophical thinkers of this time will be the ones who have rebelled against this machine and have questioned everything. 

I ask you during the illumination of this night sky, how deeply have you stared into the darkness of your own eye? How well do you express your emotion through your words, your heart and your hands? How well are you honoring the energy that flows through the vessel of your human body? 

3:40am 11/27/23

November 27, 2023 — Lori Menna