I closed the store for a week. I got a lot of feedback from you encouraging me to keep creating. Thank you for that. I needed that encouragement and I also needed to take a pause to re-evaluate what my offering is. 

I think it’s ok to slip into the darkness of the world sometimes and even feel hopeless. It’s part of our experience here. We can dive deeply into the pain and we can also guide ourselves out with our own light. Then we use that light when it’s shining bright to shine onto to others in anyway we can. 

Yes there is evil and there are horrible things here on earth.  I myself was taking a big daily dose of trauma.  I decided that the world is better off if I just microdose the worlds trauma to create consciousness awareness of what is and keep shining my light and keep offering my gifts and energy to the world.

Together we can make changes and differences and rise above the low frequency of greed and war. Together we create the energy that surrounds us with our love our passion and our vision of a better life. 

The store is now open and I have some world peace offerings to share. creating and sharing cosmic collage in a world that feels so dark is my contribution and I won’t let that light be diminished

The World Peace Collection. Check it out here.

There are free downloadable images for you to share, print copy, distribute, sell, etc. 

Please post the IG square and talk about what world peace could look like. What we could do to create some changes in this world. 

November 25, 2023 — Lori Menna