Peace is a vibe. It’s an energy cultivated within. Unfortunately we live in a world where our ability to embody inner peace is constantly challenged. Challenged by others and challenged by ourselves.


Let this artwork serve as visual medicine and a prayer for inner peace. For an unwavering inner peace that no one can hinder in any way. Not by words, actions or greed. A prayer the wounds of the past do not bleed into to our future. Let this artwork remind you to return to peace in your heart, mind and body.

Some of the symbolism in this artwork: The fern grows in wet areas, yet their leaves repel water. The medicine of the Fern speaks to the ability of repelling low vibrational toxic energy off of ourselves. Emerson said “The earth laughs in flowers' '. I think the earth's peace offering to our souls is flowers.

A lighter version of the Peace Flower in a Tapestry! 

Here are a few meanings of some of the flowers and elements in this piece/peace:
Magnolia- a reminder to maintain your dignity in a difficult situation.
Lavender- Offering to end a business relationship.
Dahlia- Commitment and Eternal Love
Lily- Purity and Origin
Ayahusca- Spirit Vine
Chiric Sanango- Master Plant
Skull- Peace with our own death
Snake- Sheddings skins
Butterfly- Transformation #peace #peacewithin #peaceflower#thepowerofpeace #peaceofmind #cosmicconsciousness#peaceart #peaceandlove
January 17, 2023 — Lori Menna