The year is starting to move forth with great speed as each does so seemingly faster than the previous. I'm not one for New Years resolutions but I do take the time to reflect on what the previously year has taught me. The Alchemy of Anger has been my path for several years now. I would go as far to say that it is my life work.

This Cosmic Artwork is The Alchemy of Anger. This rug is perfect for your Meditation Space.


Anger has always seemed to be something deeply embedded into my being that was passed on to me from my parents and their ancestral lines of war, abandonment, disease, fear, suffering and crime just to name a few that I am aware of. Moving anger through my cells in a productive and progressive way to stop the cycle of pain is my goal. I am holding a light for this to ring true throughout space and time.


To truly alchemize something is to change It entirely. The journey of spiritual growth is dependent on this. To alchemize your wounds of the past into creations of the future. To alchemize the projections of others into the evidence of the ethical and moral truth which further serves the expansion of love within your own heart rather than pulling you down into the victim hood. The expansion of this truth stretches through time and space healing both our ancestors and our children.  


I will share with you a few tools that I integrate into the little space of my life that helped me process anger and alchemize it into creation.

1. Sometimes I wake up in the night and there seems to be a compression on my chest pushing me in from all directions, there is darkness all around me and my mind can wander to places that do not serve me. I light a candle that I keep by my bedside and I breath a 4 part breath while clearing my mind. I pray for the light to shine through the dark places in my mind. The Perfect Candle from my The Alchemy of Anger Collection!

2. I work with a cedar yoga block to release trauma and pain from my physical body. I find part of my neck, back shoulders, intestines, legs, etc and place pressure on the block for at least 3 minutes releasing the myofascial tissue. I am guided by a very special woman who has been in my life for many years. Here email, if you feel inclined to reach out:

3.I am listening to “A Course in Miracles, made easy” and following along with Divine Merger who is so graciously walking through the lessons via YouTube: @divinemerger984

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January 13, 2023 — Lori Menna