2022 was a year of reflection, a year of lessons and deep emotional exploration. A year of nursing old wounds in ways I didn’t understand before. A year of everything coming to the surface and realizing the difference between accepting things and tolerating them. I did a lot of work this year. I didn’t do it perfectly, but I did it nonetheless and that’s ok, In fact it’s great.

I believe It was this work that led me to and revealed a very interesting and particularly perfectly aligned opportunity. I always say things like “isn’t that funny?” Or “can you even believe that?” When I am in awe of the alignment of people, places and things that seem to be no less than universal magic.

Ok ok, I listen to the Louis Hay audio books and all of the new age manifestation ideas. I’ve done some of the Lacie Phillips “To Be Magnetic” programs. Then I recently saw an old video of a young Tony Robbins explaining how the subconscious part of your brain needs to believe in your ideas for them to become real. This is where the deep work comes in, where we unwind the old trauma and the old stories that have led us to subconsciously behave, respond and think according to what our external world has trained us to do. It’s like a rewiring of the subconscious mind.

The truth is I am always a skeptic believe it or not. I don’t do all love and light and positive thinking. I do darkness and depression and anger as well. I definitely have not mastered the skill of releasing trauma from both the mind and body. I will however keep doing this work and I will always share what I’m doing and how it’s helping me with you.

I will also share that we will start packing up our home this month because we are moving on March 1st. We are moving into a house that quite literally checks every box of not only the desires and wishes of the home I want to live in, but the way I can afford to buy it as well. Isn’t that funny? Nope! It’s just the magic of the universe.