Journaling has always been a very therapeutic process for me. I added some older and favorite collages to our journals shop for you to check out!

Some of the things I’ve been journaling about lately are my emotional and physical reactions to the stressful situations. I’m being guided through deep myofascial release with the use of a wooden block by a very special teacher. Which I will share more about later.

I cannot express enough how truly powerful it is to not only unravel our subconscious mind and rebuild ourselves from both our experiences of the past and our present awareness but to also release trauma that we’ve stored in our bodies in a slow and very intentional way. I believe this is the meaning of life. To release all of the pain and arrive at our graves in our lightest body free from the wounds of this world. I do. I truly believe that.


If you are on a path of healing and deepening your relationship with yourself, what is your go to practice?


As always, thank you for being here.

December 15, 2022 — Lori Menna