Quetzalcóatl (Nahuatl) Aztec God, Ruler of the west who manifested the feathersed serpent. I was inspired to create this after a visit to Javier Senosiaina’s Parque Quetzalcoatl and was fortunate enough to be able to stay a couple of nights in Casa Quetzalcoatl!

I don’t find it to have been at all a coincidence that I’m going through my own transformation and shedding of skins. The first night in the snake house. I woke up frantic. Having had horrible dreams, fear overcame my entire body and I had a sense that my heart was struggling to pump blood through my body. My legs ached and this ringing in my left ear became loud and persistent. All of my failures and inefficiency seemed to wrap me like a blanket in the cold night in the house of snake. I felt as if I was losing my battle against the patterns that imprisoned my fearful mind and being.

The morning brought the warmth of the sunshine and the genius imagination of art and creation soothed my soul to find some optimism as we toured the parque. My healing journey continues though the search for its beginning or end has stopped. #transformation #snakemedicine #queztlacoatl#sheddingskin #snakespirit #serpentMedicine #serpentart#fantasyart #mythological #mythologicalcreature#featheredsnake #snakegod #mexico thank you @javiersenosiaina for your genius and inspiration.
December 04, 2022 — Lori Menna