Green Jungle Heart Chakra | Sherpa Blanket


Green Jungle Heart Chakra Intention

Wrap yourself up in this colorful and vibrant sherpa blanket. Let the energy of this visual medicine inspire you to connect to your heart chakra.

This magical artwork was created to enhance the opening of your heart chakra as you connect to the vibrant green colors of the jungle. The toucan reminds us that there is always room for improvement. The tiger is a symbol of strength and power. The butterfly is a sign of transformation and the serpent reminds us of our ability to shed skins. There are more hidden gems with meaning in this one, like the mandrill, the fern and the ayahuasca leaves.

Sherpa Blanket Product Details

• Vibrant print, colors will not fade in wash
• Extremely soft and cozy
• Wash in a laundry bag to reduce micro plastic pollution