Floral Chakras Light | Hardcover Journal


Floral Chakras Light Intention

Connect to the colors of the flowers in this visual medicine to tune into the delicate energetic systems within.

Your roots will dig into the earth to hold you steady. 
The fire burning within you will remain strong and fuel your actions.
You will overcome the obstacles set in your way and you will believe in yourself.
The expansion of your heart will radiate out with such power, others will feel it.
Your voice will be heard. Your vision will be clear.
Your connection to source will grow stronger.
Your communication with your higher self becomes fluid. 


Hardcover Journal Product Details

  • Make journaling your divine downloads a private and beautiful ritual with this very special Cosmic Collage hardcover journal

  • Crafted with a sewn spine bound in case wrap and covered by a matte lamination for a highly durable yet vibrant hardcover journal

  • This hardcover journal's dimensions are 5.75 x 8 x 0.55 inches with 150 lines pages, perforated for easy tear away when desired

  • Featuring the Receive Cosmic Collage (front cover) and Receive Intention (back cover)

  • Made to order in the United States; Production typically takes 2 days before shipping