Jungle Heart | Sack


Jungle Heart Intention

This cosmic artwork speaks to the heart chakra. The tiger is a symbol of protection in this piece. The vibrant pink orchid photo was taken by me at the Vallarta Botanical gardens, a place I visit often, just an hour south of my home. The orchid is a symbol of elegance and beauty. Some of the other plants and flowers in this piece are the chacruna leaves and the banisteriopsis caapi flower, also known as "ayahuasca", the pink lotus is to reduce negativity and anxiety, the echinacea is for health and healing. The snake is for shedding skin and rebirth. The roseate spoonbill represents the power of stillness, sensitivity and self knowing, which is also a bird I see here in Jalisco, Mexico. Hanging this artowrk in your home as a visual prayer and blessing.

Sack Product Details

• 100% artist velour
•  One size (19.7″ × 33.5″)(50cm × 85cm)
•  All-over print
•  Drawstring closure
•  Perfect for laundy and travel