Kundalini Floral Chakra | Rolled Prints



Kundalini Floral Chakra Intention

This visual medicine was created to remind us of the movement of energy from the base of the spine up through the energetic centers of our body all the way to source. A kundalini awakening is depicted by a serpent moving it’s way from the base of the spine up through the chakras. 

Paper Print Product Details

  • Come home to your very own Cosmic Collage, visual medicine that calls you toward your cosmic connection

  • These paper prints are available in multiple sizes and two paper styles: fine art (equivalent to traditional watercolor or etching paper with a soft textured surface) and semi-gloss (equivalent to a high-quality poster with bright white photo paper with satin finish and sharp color fidelity)

  • Product includes 1 rolled paper art print; Shipped in an art poster tube

  • Made to order in the United States; Production typically takes 3 days before shipping