Maria Sabina | Hardcover Journal


Maria Sabina Intention

In the heart of Oaxaca, a priestess once roamed, the queendom of the magic mushrooms, she throned.

With wisdom passed down from generations before, She whispered to the magic that the mushrooms did store.

In her hands, she held this knowledge profound, of psilocybin's healing, both ancient and sound.

A warrior woman, her spirit strong and bold, Through abuse and resilience, her story was told.

With respect and reverence, she approached the divine.

Honoring the lineage, this Oaxacan shrine, She walked on a path where healing could start, With the power of mushrooms, this journey in her heart. 

Hardcover Journal Product Details

  • Make journaling your divine downloads a private and beautiful ritual with this very special Cosmic Collage hardcover journal

  • Crafted with a sewn spine bound in case wrap and covered by a matte lamination for a highly durable yet vibrant hardcover journal

  • This hardcover journal's dimensions are 5.75 x 8 x 0.55 inches with 150 lines pages, perforated for easy tear away when desired

  • Made to order in the United States; Production typically takes 2 days before shipping