FUNDRAISER: Otilias Banos de Flores | Ritual Instructions with 2 Letter Size High Res Artworks to Print



Otilia isa very special Medicine Woman who deep in Iquitos, in the Amazon Jungles of Peru. She serves Ayahuasca and makes customized plant dietas for her patients. She also does Limpiezas, reads Tarot and carries so much medicine in her story telling through her life’s experiences. I have had the pleasure of staying on her land with her and also having her come to stay with me in Mexico. SHE IS AMAZING!

100% of proceeds for this will go to Otilia. We have a goal to sell JUST 15 of these to raise the funds that Otilia is in need of immediately. Selling 15 will raise $330 that I can send to Otilia via Western Union.

This lovely ritual can be used at anytime and almost anywhere. You can prepare it for yourself, for a friend, a lover and with Mother’s Day coming soon it would would be a special gift to prepare for someone motherly to you.

Supporting indigenous communities and healers is close to my heart. So many indigenous teachings, medicines and practices have become colonized and spread throughout the North. As this continues to happen, the origins of these rituals and the people they come from might start to be forgotten. I invite you to join me in holding the intention of supporting Otilia at this time by sending her some well deserved energy and abundance.

The ritual also comes with a special piece of artwork that I created during of of the times I spent with Otilia. Let me tell you a bit about the artwork. It has various plants including Chiric Sanango, Datura, Rose, Ajo Sacha, Ayahuasca and Hergon Sacha and rose. It has a sigil on the medicine cup that reads “Self Love”. The most important part in this piece is the self love part. May we always have the ability to to cultivate self care and self love in a world that can make us feel that we are never enough.

Your support in purchasing will have a ripple effect to this special healer in the Amazon Jungle whose life’s work is to heal those in need. 

This download includes:
-  A cleansing practice from Iquitos, Peru that will help you shift your energy and cleanse you mind, body & spirit in a very intentional way.

- There are 2 High Resolution Artwork you see here for you to print at home (letter size and without text)

I always felt it’s so important to support indigenous healers as their medicines and practices become colonized and spread throughout the north. My personal intention while working working plant medicine and plant energies in to stay in integrity with the roots from which this wisdom has grown. I invite you to join me in holding this intention.

Otilia & I have co-created this offering to help you with a light hearted spiritual practice to elevate and cleanse your energy with the use of plants.

*Artwork is intended for personal use only and to be printed one time. Please do not share the files with other. Please do not use Artwork for promotional purposes or in any projects whatsoever.