If you are interested in using my artwork for you IG business feed where you promote your services and offerings, please reach out to me.

I offer Graphic Design Services, Licensing of images for promotional usage and I also have a website: https://cosmiccollagestock.com where you can purchase and download ready to use graphics and packages that you can even put your logo and text on. 

Now here is the thing, over the years I have confronted many people over the unethical and illegal usage of my work. Most of the the businesses are offering some sort of spiritual guidance programs or events. It's actually astonishing that some of the feedback that I get is pretty aggressive. 

I have formatted many automated responses that look like this: 

Hi there, We noticed that you used one of our images as a promotional post. It is not permitted to use our artwork this way, there is an $80 fee for a promotional usage. 

Also, please check out our stock graphic website: cosmiccollagestock.com , where you will be able to access an entire library of images for your promotional needs!

Thank you,

People have responded saying things like "you should be appreciative that we are sharing your artwork." Then they unfollow me. (How very "spiritually enlightened" of them right?)

I have decided to stop responding to the unethical and illegal usage of my work in this way and to write my thoughts here on this blog post. 

If you are unable to afford my services and you reach out, I am very open to negotiating the usage of existing works for promotional needs at a sliding scale rate in addition to an exchange for link backs to the products that I sell on my site that feature the images you're interested in. Where there's a will, there's a way! So please, email me! 

If you want to share my work with your words of inspiration, your astrological readings or any other text, please put the credit to @cosmiccollage FIRST and FOREMOST and not at the end of your lengthy text and after mentioning multiple people. Please also tag the image. 

***Please do not change the color of my artwork to better suite or feed and aesthetic. This is so disrespectful to an artist. I did not create this artwork in this pink tone and I do not wish to see it in any tones other than the one I created it in. 

If you have a non-profit organization and you would like to use my work, please reach out to me. I am a very generous person and there are MANY circumstances that I will allow the usage of my work for FREE! I do believe whole heartedly that my work is the work of GOD/Source through my hands and a lot of it belongs to the collective and should be used in many ways to raise awareness and funds, and bring to light many issues. I am very grateful for the opportunity to always raise the level of consciousness on the planet.

If you have read this far, thank you for being here, I feel seen and heard. 


February 09, 2023 — Lori Menna