Owls symbolize clairvoyance, illumination, astral projection and of course, wisdom. They are able to see through the darkness. When you connect to the medicine of the owl you may gain some insight and new information about a situation at hand. The owl is here to lift the veil. This mystical owl with vibrant features was created as a source of wisdom and of protection. 

Bring this Artwork into your home with this beautifully crafted bespoke Offering.

Also a reminder that today is the halfway point between the winter and spring solstice. A perfect time to connect to Owl medicine and your own inner wisdom, the illumination of the path grows as we move out or the darker months.


Remember, your ritual is unique to you. My current practice includes a daily Agni Sari breath and a morning gratitude practice that always sets the tone for the day. Is my practice perfect? Nope, but it’s mine and is created through connecting to my own inner wisdom.

This journal is a prefect toll for documenting and mapping your own inner wisdom.

How do you move through darkness and cultivate light?

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February 01, 2023 — Lori Menna