Everything you see in my work has significance. Intertwined into the details you’ll find all kinds of earth medicine and symbolism. If you choose to purchase these works, my prayer is that you too are blessed with the medicine they offer. Whether that be a blessing to your home with a piece of wall art, a blessing to your practice with something from the yoga and mediation collection, or maybe to your car, surfboard or water bottle with a sticker. The intention is to spread the magic of these blessings to you. 

This Magic Mushroom Artwork is Available as a canvas.

A few of the symbols in this piece: the black and white butterfly that I often use and encounter in my life symbolizes a transformation that honors duality, and wears the experience of both shadow and light. 

The door and window on this Amanita Muscaria house is actually the door and window to the home my partner and I built in La Cruz, Nayarit that we are moving out of on March 1st. 

The deer is a symbol for our ability to be gentle in our thoughts and words with others and wit ourselves.

The owl is a reminder to connect to our own innate wisdom.

The small rabbit on the pathway- a homeage to the year of the rabbit. 

Banisteriopsis caapi flower also known as “Ayahuasca” placed in the ear of the human skull as a symbol to release the fear of the decaying of our human form. 

The iguana in the lower left corner as a symbol of stillness, observation and adaptation. 

You can get this Magic Mushroom Artwork as a journal.

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January 25, 2023 — Lori Menna