Feathered Snake | Medicine Bag


Zipper Color
Zipper Pull

The Feathered Snake Intention

When you notice your own discomfort, maybe it is a sign that an awakening has begun. Just like the itchis the way your old skin tells you it is time to surrender its role as the boundary of your vessel to make space for something new to emerge. If you tune into the transformation and surrender to nature’s divine intelligence playing out through you, you may realize that you have in fact grown feathers and wings where there was once just skin, signaling your conscious ascension as a divine co-creator.

Medicine Bag Product Details

  • Digital and vibrant artwork of Cosmic Collage featured on a Zipper Pouch

  • Bags are perfect for passports, tarot card decks, crystals, tinctures, toiletries, essential oils and other personal items

  • Available in 2 sizes, 10x7.5" and 16x12" (inches)

  • Vegan Leather Pull

  • High Quality Brass or Nickel YKK Zipper

  • Indigo Denim Lining

  • Made in Canada and shipped from Canada