I’ve been so blessed to be surrounded by and supported by truly amazing goddesses. This one is for you on International Womens' Day.
The true essence of the goddess is within you. The power of Goddess is real. You can make the thunder roar and the tides rise. You can make the sun shine and you can clear the skies. You harness both the light and the dark energies of this world. So rise sister rise, above the patriarchal lies. Free yourself from the binds that society ties. The reflection of your love and strength is in the eyes of your sister, your mother your daughter, your grandmother. You won’t find it in the pages of a magazine, don’t let them tell you who you are. Remember who’s depicting what you see, who has defined the limits of beauty. The lines on your face are your ultimate grace. The approval of a man will not be your last hand. The goddess is real and SHE is rising above with the ultimate destination of unapologetic self love.