All artists are obviously inspired by other artists. A great artist’s mind is constantly working and mentally collecting visuals to conceptualize Into their own artwork. Of course, there is an honorable way to do this. Taking exact concepts and using the exact photos and images of another artist’s vision is not the honorable way. Art is meant to transform and evolve not be copied. I’ve been sitting with this for a while as I had been feeling my visions and ideas are being copied and my Artwork is definitely being stolen. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s fine. I have to learn to be ok with it. After all, I am grateful that I channeled a world that so many people resonate with and grateful that Instagram provides a platform of connection. This is actually the first collage I’ve ever put myself in. I had to put myself into the magical world that I channel, not to keep to myself but for you. Nobody can ever take away my ability to tune into this channel, the creative energy and vision that flows through is infinite. I want to feel open and free when I create and share and i want to trust that i will always receive the benefit of my work. As always, thank you for both following and supporting and also thank you for copying.

Another note on usage - please do be considerate and mindful that I am, along with other artists, a working artist. My service is the artwork I create just as the service you are promoting with my artwork is your service that you charge money for. Get it? I do know that most of you who have actually taken the time to read this are not the ones that need to hear this! 

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