Full Moon in LEO coming up this Wednesday. I believe personally that the moon cycles are different for everyone, though there is definitely a collective energy always that we can tune into. This year and these cycles are showing me that I have a lot to look at when it comes to the flow of energy between myself and others. I’m sure that with the new year finally settling in with its ambitious endeavors and new and exciting projects, many of you can relate to this. How much of ourselves are we able to give without being depleted? How open and generous can we be without people taking advantage of us.

Yes, I want to be open and yes I want to always be generous and giving always. Lately though, I am feeling depleted. The signs of depletion are obvious for me. My nervous system begins to feel unregulated, I feel agitated, I’m exhausted, I make excuses for missing workouts. I crave carbs and sugar and my diet starts to be unbalanced. I lose my ability to focus, I’m spreading myself too thin. I take long naps and wake up feeling so tired and as soon as Friday arrives I want nothing more than a margarita or 5.

Energy is just SO precious, it must be taken care of at a SERIOUS level. Especially if you’re a creative, an empath or someone who is in contact with a lot of people on a daily basis.

So this morning before I sat down to work I created a new Energy Protection Practice for myself that I would like to share. Nothing too crazy, just kind of went with the flow and this is what happened. I filled my little caldron for burning with sage, mugwort, palo Santo and Copal. I washed my hands, third eye, throat, heart and sacral chakras, with Agua de Florida and some other local plants. I washed it lightly over the back of my neck and shoulders as this is where I tend to carry everything. I made a very long list of names and situations thanking them out loud and expressing my appreciation for the experience and then I asked them to kindly leave my space. Returning my energy to me and taking what belongs only to them. After each one I rang the Tibetan brass bowl loudly and let it draw out until the sounds faded away to nothing. I continued to the next person or thing on my list. When I was finished with my list, I sat for a few minutes to let my own energy resonate back into my space, back into my being, back to me to continue to create from my most authentic and clear space.

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